Relentless Bottle


This project was made for Starpack 2012, answering their ‘Energy Structural Bottle Design’ brief by Coca Cola. The aim was to create a structural bottle for one of Coca Cola’s energy drinks. The target group were 18 to 25 year olds, engaged in extreme sports like BMX, surfing and skiing.

The ‘Ace in the hole’ 50ml shot bottle represents a reliable source of power for people with a hectic lifestyle who require a quick shot of energy in extreme situations. It is designed to be carried around the arm with silicon wristband, similar to the popular wristbands used for charities and festivals, in order to be available in all situations without disturbing the user while doing sports. The back of the bottle is bent in a way to comfortably fit the arm.
The foil lid can be opend with the teeth, so it is one hand operated and easy to acess in order to not distract the consumer from what they are doing.

Material: bottle -> oxo-biodegradbale PET; lid -> PLA blend foil (biodegradable)
Manufacturing: Injection/ blow moulding