Clean City Lab


In my first year of University I did a 6 week project for JTI in partnership with Future Concept Lab, which was about changing smoker’s habit of throwing their cigarette butts on the streets, in order to provide a cleaner urban environment.

After an extensive research on smoker’s habits and already existing ashtray solutions, I cam up with three different concepts which were presented to a company’s representative who chose my idea of a portable ashtray in form of a necklace for me to work on further.

The idea behind this concept is to make something disgusting like a cigarette butt or an ashtray desirable. I worked on different techniques, shapes and finishes to obtain this desirableness and make the user forget forget the necklace’s actual purpose when not in use.

My final concept was inspired by Frank Gehry’s building ‘Neuer Zollhof’ in Düsseldorf, Germany. It has an organically shaped aluminium body and a flexible plastic lid which seals airtight to prevent smoke clinging to the user’s clothes and makes sure the cigarette extinguishes properly.


JTI, Future Concept Lab


Product Design